About Wittel/Morris


Wittel/Morris Strategic Consulting was founded in March of 2013.  Its mission is to partner with visionary business leaders to help them achieve their goals.  Wittel/Morris is focused on the education industry and prides itself on broad experience in the following strategic areas:

  • Setting enterprise goals
  • Implementing a digital learning product and marketing approach
  • Motivating employees
  • Communicating effectively
  • Building coherent business plans
  • Achieving accountability and business discipline
  • Understanding markets and market segments
  • Investing in marketing that works

Headed by Dan Caton, a proven industry leader, Wittel/Morris can help you focus your educational institution or business on a successful path.

About Dan Caton

Caton Headshot 1

Dan Caton is a lifelong educator with a keen interest in helping others to reach their goals.

Dan began his career as a middle school teacher in southern California. He moved to educational publishing, where he oversaw the creation of educational programs in nearly all areas of elementary and secondary publishing. Beginning in 1986, Dan also supervised the development of electronic education, beginning with stand-alone disc-based software, early CD-ROM development, and later some of the first educational web pages. Dan then served as Vice President, Product Development for Computer Curriculum Corporation in Sunnyvale, California.

In 2000, Dan joined Pearson Learning Group, the Pearson unit responsible for alternative basal, supplemental materials, and formative assessment. He served as their President until 2007, when he joined McGraw-Hill Learning Group, the unit formed from the publishers The Wright Group, SRA, and Contemporary Publishing.  As President, he improved customer focus, broadened the publishing program, and reduced costs, leading to significant over-performance in profits.

Dan then served as President of McGraw-Hill School Education until April of 2013, transforming that business into a truly innovative, digital leader.

Dan served as the President of the Board of the Association of Educational Publishers and on the Executive Committee of the School Division of the Association of American Publishers.  He has travelled to international destinations such as Russia, Japan, and Brazil to open markets and advise publishers in those countries.

Dan holds a BA in Literature from ClaremontMcKennaCollege and an MA in Education from ClaremontGraduateSchool, both located in Claremont, California.